Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ryan's arrival in Lima

Well, Ryan made it to Lima on Thursday evening. His next flight does not depart until Saturday at 10 am. So he moved into the Starbucks in the airport. He reports that it is really a great place to be and that God really had great plans for him. God placed 2 missionaries in his path one of which worked with IMB personnel in Arequipa, Peru in 2006. One of the missionaries was an independent so he had a lot of information for Ryan and I. God used Ryan's time in the airport like a day of meetings. Ryan never lacked for a friendly face to talk to. The rest of the team joined Ryan Friday night and they all went to a hostel for a good night sleep. They were back at the airport early this morning to finish their travels to Cusco.

Please continue to pray for the team and all of the people that will work with them this week. Also, we have been very sick at our house. Just when I thought everyone was better Mari-Madeline fell ill. She is on medicine and should get better soon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orapesa Peru

Ryan and the team from church are preparing to leave in about 2 weeks. Ryan will be gone for about two weeks. This is an information gathering trip for the district that PHBC has adopted. Ryan will also be doing relief work for the flood damaged areas as well as researching a list of things for me as we prepare to move. I ask that you please pray for the team and all the people that they encounter on this trip. I will have pictures to update when he returns.