Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random things about life

I though that I (Natalie) would just share a few of the things going on around here.  

Walker and Mari-Madeline started school this week in our village.   They were very excited and are learning more Spanish.   Mari-Madeline has come early everyday so far because she misses home.   She is having culture shock.  She really enjoys school, but it has been overwhelming.  She is also a grade above so the work is very hard, but she likes the challange.   Walker is doing great and even ask to go to school, what an answer to prayer!

Lorelai has been hanging out with mom.   She and I work around the house, go to the mission for an hour or so, and then she has a playdate every day for an hour.   Lorelai has an 7-8amazing Spanish vocabulary, but also has a crazy Lorelai vocabulary, words she has made up to suit her purpose.   Lorelai can even walk to the store across from our house and buy her snack! 

Ryan is just BUSY!   He works at the mission all morning, has Spanish class in the afternoon, and then is building relationships in the evening when not doing repairs on the house.  

Some of my days are crazier than others, but I will share a typical day:
5-7 wake up and get kids off to school
7-9 wash clothes  by hand and hang on line to dry
9-10 at the mission with Lorelai
10-11 clean house
11-12 prepare lunch-from scratch
12-3 kids home, ryan home, lunch and siesta
3-6 take clothes in, make dinner
6-7 ready for bed
7-8 bedtime

We stay pretty busy just keeping the house run and the family fed.   We love it though.   We have electricty for about 2 hours midday and then from about 6-12 at night.   We don't really miss it and could really live without it.  

This next week is Semana Santa here and we have 2 people staying with us as well as we are hosting our first team from the United States.  They are staying with us for a night before they head off deeper in the jungle on medical missions.   It is going to be a very busy week!

We have been researching a village to begin working on a house church.   On Friday we are going over to one not far from here to meet with leaders.  Please pray that this is a great meeting and that their hearts are open.   On Saturday we will be traveling several hours away in the boat to another village to meet with the missionary team.  On Sunday we will be going to a church in a village near our village.   Please pray for safe travels this weekend.  


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