Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next step

Two weeks ago, Ryan and I made a very tough decision.   We will not be returning to Honduras.   I was first tempted to write the mission field, but honestly that would be a lie, you see daily we choose to live in the mission field.   We had several goals we needed to meet with our fundraising and we just could not do it, so we had to make a very difficult decision.  We have spent the past two weeks grieving about our loss and praying about our future.  

What has come to pass in the past two weeks are Ryan and I trying to figure out where we will live, finding jobs, and a lot of prayer about the children and their needs.   Right now we have been blessed to be able to spend the next several months in a mission house in Mississippi, our supporters are still with us as we begin this rebuilding process, Ryan has sent out his resume and we have begun looking for a long term home.  Although this was unexpected by us, we trust that God is in control. Everything feels up in the air. Not much feels very stable right now. We feel like we should be completely overwhelmed. Yet what we feel is peace.

We have a few things left in Honduras, but another family has graciously agreed to bring it all to us.   We are leaving lots of friends and Martha.   Martha and her family are very special to us; you might have overheard us on the phone talking very loudly in Spanish that was Martha!   We will be leaving our clothes for her family as well as our mattresses and some other things that they terribly need. 

We have several other friends that we will be leaving stuff with and that we will miss dearly.   Walker made some of his closest friends in his life in Honduras, the girls experience playing with no fears and we all had some amazing God miracles during our time there.  

During this transition time we covet your prayers.   Right now we are trying to sort through this and make some very tough decisions.   We gave it our all when we moved to Honduras, so returning is like starting over from scratch.   Slowly, we are putting the pieces together and moving ahead.  

 There may not be many updates for a while as it has become very time consuming finding jobs and finding a place to live.   Email and Facebook are probably the easiest ways to get a hold of us right now.


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