Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday I had a "See you later" lunch with some dear gal pals.   We had agreed prior to lunch that none of would cry.   We had a great time and we laughed, I mean laughed hard, it was a soothing balm for the heart.   I had felt led to get each of us something small and something similar so we could daily be reminded of each other.   I found some small crosses that were on clearance at a local store and they all had scripture on them, I then gathered some Kleenex (just in case) and got each of them a cute luggage tag (they better come see me.)   As I was making our little gift bags I realized that each cross had different scriptures on it, I just put them in the bag and thought God will give each of us what we need.   The girls had gotten me a Spanish English bible, such a blessing so I can now lead classes with women.   When I got home I read the cross from my bag and this is what it said:
For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me
the strength I need.
...He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so that we can do
the good things He planned for us long ago...
Philippians 4:13
Ephesians 2:1
I just had to stop and reflect on that for a while.   God is my source of strength, I get that, but the reminder that through Christ Jesus I can do what God planned for me before I was ever alive.   What a concept!   I mean I knew this, it was just one of those moments where everything seems to click into place.  I just pray that through everything I do and we do as a family that God is glorified.   From packing to moving to traveling and being strangers in a new land, let God be glorified in all we do.  

Things have been so wonderful the past two days.  We have truly been blessed with friends and family.   We seem to be entering the stage of excitement and disbelief that this is really happening!   We are very anxious to begin our new journey in life.   I am sure there will be more moments of sorrow, but for now it is pure JOY!    My prayer for you today is that you can experience the joy that Christ can give us, it is an amazing thing.


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