Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some changes and an update

Okay, I (Natalie) have mostly been posting here, but Ryan and I have decided that we both want to contribute.   So, we are going to start each post with our name, so you will know who is writing.   This is going to be fun.

So, I am going to start by being honest, what's new?   Things are rough!   Yes, I knew this was coming and no, I was still not ready for it.   Ryan and I were fussy with each other and had to regroup today and get on the same page.   It has been several of days that have just been crazy weird and wild.   We had a family lunch with my parents and brother scheduled, but it had to be rescheduled and now they have the flu :(.   We had family coming in for Ryan's ordination service, but got snow instead and everything was rescheduled.   We packed our bags and were quickly overweight...onto plan b.  We sold our vehicles and had nothing to drive, Mari-Madeline had some weird virus.   You see what I mean, just a crazy week.   As, I sit here looking at it all, I can also see God at work.

Blessings during this all, I got to see a friends baby for the first time...what a gift from God.   A friend volunteered to drive us to Atlanta so we can fly out.   We sold our cars, and everything else we needed to sell.   We got to see one last snow.  More of Ryan's family is able to come to his ordination service.  We are learning what is really important when we pack.  We have our health.   This week I have learned to accept help from friends.   I am learning to let God be in control all the time!

So, even though it was a rough week, God was always there.  

We will be leaving Columbia on Tuesday February 15 and heading to Atlanta, we will overnight there and fly out early the next morning.  We have a layover in Florida and will get to Honduras just after lunch.   We will travel the rest of that day and overnight in a city.  On Thursday we finish our travel and get to our new home.

I will try and upload some pictures and update in Honduras.


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