Monday, June 20, 2011

Baha! Ryan's Father's Day

So, what do you do for dad when you live in the jungle?   You take him on down to the local beauty salon.   Yes, we have a beauty salon.   It is pretty fancy for this area.   I has barber chairs, running water (cold), and a generator to run the hairdryer and flat iron!    So, what was my husband doing there?????

He got a manicure, pedicure and facial!   YES!!!!   He did not allow me to take pictures, but he did give me permission to blog about it.   He and I spent a day at the salon while the kids played on the airstrio with their friends.   I got my hair cut and a pedicure while he got the full service.   As funny as it is he actually anjoied it.   He even said he would go back again!    It was a really fun time for all of us and it was a great way to relax.

So, you may be wondering how much this all cost.   In the States it would be well over $100, but here in the jungle...$25 total.    I thought it was a great deal and while we will not be doing another spa day as a family it was fun to enjoy it just once.


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