Monday, June 20, 2011

The IPod Saga

Oh my!   What a crazy past few days.   Ryan and I have and IPod that we have Rosetta Stone, a Bible, and many sermons downloaded on as well as books for me to read.   It has really been a great tool for us to carry around.   We have been very careful with it and have not let people know that we have it.  

The other day we got a call from a friend to come see her.   So, we locked up and left.   The only problem was I had been outside in the hammock reading and I left the IPod in the hammock.   Normally this is not a big deal.   People do not use our back porch and since we were not home no one would have any reason to come around.   When we got home the IPod was gone!   I was so upset to the point I made myself ill.   We tore the house apart looking for it on the chance that I brought it in.   I was so upset, bcause in my haste I did not lock it up and now it was gone.    I even spent most of the next day being upset over it.

Imagine my suprise when some youth tell me a guy is trying to sell it for 200 Lempiras or about $11 US.   I mean really at least sell it for what it is worth!   We have now spread the word that anyone who will buy we will buy it from them.   This is a time when living in completly lawless place stinks.   The only bright side is that the person who took it can read the Bible and listen to George Ross bringing the Word as well as many other great pastors.   Perhaps one of those seroms deals with Thou Shal Not Steal!


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