Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our House---A picture post

Some of you may wonder where we live, so we are inviting you on in.   Our house was built by a missionary and when he left the field he gave it to the mission group.   We are able to live in while we prepare for the future. 

This is our kitchen. The very first thing you see.   This is all the counter space.

This is the stove and mini fridge

The pantry and a partial view of the bathroom

The living room

The living room/ school room

This is a shelf Ryan built us.   It is home to all our letters and cards of love.

The open stairs going up to the bedrooms

The cross at the top is one Ryan made and it is now used to lock the window!

This is the first thing you see upstairs.  It is the only closet in the house.

Lorelai's room.   That is the mosquito netting we all sleep under.

Walker's room

Mari-Madeline's room

Our room
The hammock room off our room

Well that is about all.   Thanks for stopping by.  Love you all.


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