Thursday, July 14, 2011

Princessa Lorelai

Princessa Lorelai came to Ryan and I the other day and announced she was leaving.   She told us that she was calling our truck driver to come get her in the boat and take her to the city.    She said she wanted to go see her friend that was sick and in the city at the doctor.   She told us she new were to sleep, at the safe hote.   She then told us where she would eat and how she would travel.   She showed us her packed bag and all her city clothes in it along with clean panties.    Ryan and I were struggling not to laugh while at the same time we were very suprised at all her knowledge.   She was determined she was going to go see her friend!

So, how did we get her stay?   With the promise of a sucker!    Glad she is still little enough for bribes.  On our way to get her sucker we stoped to see her friends mom and Lorelai found out that her friend had just returned that day!  Glory to God for that precious gift of a friend. 


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