Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The rest of the story....POST THREE

This is Natalie again.   Wow what a story. 

It was just as tense here at home.   When Walker called I was holding a very sick child with a very high fever.   I had to leave her and run for help.   There is one house between us and the Navy station.   I stopped there and asked for help.   The men then ran with me to the Navy station where I was able to tell them what Walker had told me.   They were in their boat in seconds and I was able to tell Walker everything would be alright.   His phone then died leaving this very worried wife and mother in a very helpless state.   I felt drawn to stay at the Navy station, but I also had Mari-Madeline at home alone sick.    I told the remaing Navy guy that I had to come check on here.    When I walked in my door, there were several women taking care of her and feeding her.    One lady sat with her till she slept and then young girls took turns sitting here.   I know felt like I could devote my attention to prayers and watching the mouth of the river for my family.    Another friend of ours sent a boat out to aid in the search.   It was an hour before we heard any news.   Praise God the news was that all were safe!

It was still another hour before I was able to put my eyes on them.    They were all three in our boat with some gentlemen from the Navy driving them.   I was only able to put my hands on Lorelai, there was such a crowd of people.    We fianally all made it in our house where Ryan sat in a chair and cried his heart out.   Walker was just quiet and Lorelai was in my lap.    It was not until a while late when we all calmed down that I began asking about bumps and bruises and Lorelai said she hit her head.   When she showed me it was a mass of hair and blood.   I began to rinse it, but realized she needed to see a doctor.   She and I set out on our 40 minute walk to the jungle clinic.    She has a shaved spot on her head and sports some stitches and lots of bruises, but she is fine.  

That day is a day I will never forget, but it has also been a day for God's glory.   I have already been able to share with some about not having fear as a Christian.   You see we live in a fear based society where the people are afraid of everything.   Through Christ they no longer need to fear, but have hope and peace. 

God has big things in store for the village we are working in and this in no way deters us from doing His work.  Walker and I talked about how God is bigger than everything.   We also talked about his salvation in Christ and how he was assured of his eternal life, but in the same instance there are about 400 people in this village that can not say the same thing.  God is bigger than that and we have been given the opportunity to bring the light into darkness.  
The Lord said to Abraham, "Leave your country, your people and your 
father's household and go to the land I will show you." 
Genesis 12:1


Anonymous said...

God has so blessed you and your family as you minister to others. I praise Him for your safety as you work hard in such a fertile land of harvest. Prayer cover continues for each of you.

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