Friday, August 19, 2011

Medical Missions

This past week a team from Alabama/Honduras Medical and Educational Network visited our village and Natalie got to work along with them in a 2 day medical clinic. You can read more about AHMEN here. The team that was here worked in a neighboring village called Pueblo Nuevo. They did a medical clinic and a vision clinic in the village as well as did a clinic at the school where Ryan and Natalie have been working. The team consisted of a Doctor, a husband/wife team trained in vision screening and a Honduran native who served as a translator and assistant to everyone.

On their first day of clinic the husband and wife team were forced to remain in the dorms on the mission compound due to illness. Mary, had become ill and needed some hydration and rest her husband stayed with her while the others went on to continue the clinic. God was already blessing this team with a local who was able to step in their role and continue with the clinic. Ryan and I were able to spend several hours talking with the Guffey’s and learning about their ministry. What a selfless couple they are, praise God they are doing God’s work.

When the rest of the team came in for their siesta (lunch and nap) it was decided that the Guffey’s were still going to rest and allow Mary to regain her strength. Ryan and I returned home and as we were eating with the kids and getting ready for rest time I kept feeling the Lord encouraging me go visit the clinic. I talked with Ryan and we both agreed that I would talk with the team leader and ask if I could go watch and observe. The leader told me I could go, but would be put to work! Yes, I will work that is what God wants of us.

When we reached our destination of Pueblo Nuevo it was decided I would work in the medical clinic, imagine my surprise when I saw about 50 people waiting for us. Again, God was blessing this team. A nurse from San Pedro Sula was on vacation in this village and was volunteering her time, her uncle was also there and he was able to serve as an extra translator! God is good all the time. I was able to translate some, fill prescriptions, and observe the basic needs most of these people had. The common problems seemed to be High Blood Pressure, parasites, skin rashes, stomach pain and poor nutrition. Ultimately I am not sure how many people we saw that afternoon, but God knows each and every one of them. I could only pray for them as we worked with them. It was so amazing to see God working through the team that He put together. It was not the original team, but a group of people brought together to fit the needs of this clinic.

Day two started a little different, it was time to examine the school kids. It was found that several of the students needed glasses for reading and three of the student had a nasty upper respitory infection. The kids were able to receive glass and medication! What a blessing the glasses are. Most of the families here cannot afford a trip to see and eye doctor, a day away, much less afford the glasses. I am so grateful that they were able to spend a morning working in the school alongside us. After finishing up we were all able to head back to Pueblo Nuevo for day two of clinic and vision screening. Imagine my surprise when I see God’s hand in this AGAIN!! As we arrive at the temporary clinic I notice on of our local doctors who is on rotation at the clinic where we live. He had heard about the team and decided he could spare his morning to help treat patients! How awesome is that? Now we could see twice as many patients and he did not need a translator! We were able to get right to work and begin treating people. Again, I was so grateful to translate and fill prescriptions, what a great job. When we borke for lunch we dropped the local doctor off and as he was leaving he said he was coming back after lunch! Wow! God is good all the time. So, that is how it went. This team that was put together by the hands of God was able to reach out to the people in Pueblo Nuevo and show the love of God.

I wish I could say that nothing major was wrong with anyone and that no one was critically ill, but that is just not life. A very young toddler was brought in the first day and she was not alert. She had a very serious condition and needed the attention of a hospital. Her grandmother already knew this, but did not have the money to take her. The money was secured, but transportation is not easy. The child needed to leave then, but there was no truck leaving until the next morning. I cried out to God, I prayed with the grandmother and encouraged her to find someone to take them immediately. When she walked away from that clinic I could only turn them over to God. The next day we inquired about this family and learned that they were able to leave the day before. As we were told this I could only cry out Gracias A Dios over and over. Thank you God! As I write this we have still not been able to get an update. It has been a week and there is still no news. I can only pray that this family knows of the Love of God.

Not every case was medical. The one that I believe will have the most impact on me and my family is one of vision. If you have read our blog you have read about Bidiac. He is a Miskito teenager that lives at the mission so he can further his education. Our family has adopted him as a son and brother. The kids introduce him as their big brother. Bidiac asked me if the team could look at hiseyes. He said they were bothering him and wanted them checked. I assured him that was not a problem. On the last night that the team was here Bidiac met us at the dorms and the Guffeys were able to examine his eyes. It did not take but a second to realize something was very wrong. I may not be his mother, but I am a mother and I know that look when there is a problem. It is believed that he has cataracts. I know, he is only 17 years old. I wish I could say I handled it well, but like any mother I cried like a baby when we got home. Bidiac has goals and dreams, he is an amazing kid and he can learn Bible stories like no one we have ever met. He loves God and wants to help Ryan with church planting. He also wants to go into the Air Force. His family lives in a small village about 2 hours from here. In the next month we will make arrangements for him to see a specialist. We have spoken with them and if he has cataracts they will do surgery in the same day. The cost for this is $1,000 US. Today, he is going home to talk with his mom to see what money they can come up with. Ryan and I have offered to take him and pay for his travel expenses. I pray for him. God is bigger than this and there is a lesson here. Bidiac and I both need to turn to God! We talked to Walker about this today and as he crumbled in tears we were able direct his sorrow to God. Walker loves Bidiac and he also knows how hard this will be for him.

Even here in the jungle we can build ourselves nice clean areas to live in, but that is not representative of what is really out there. I believe in what AHMEN is doing and the education they are providing. You see they are making this so that the local people can reproduce it and better their lives. At the same time they are bringing the word of God. So many people are sick and dying without the eternal life in Christ Jesus. I pray that as my family works with the people here in Honduras that we are attentive to God’s will and seek out people that are thirsty for God’s word.


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