Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blessings and Answered Prayers

Wow.   This past week we had a great and much enjoyed visit with Ryan parents.   The kids were so excited and so were we!   While they were here they also challenged Ryan and I in some amazing conversations we had with them.   One of those conversations led to Ryan and I later talking about what God has been doing.   So often we get caught up in everything we are doing that we do not take the time to just look around.   Ryan and I talked for about an hour and at the end of that time I was honestly shocked at what all God had been doing.   I know right, it is God we are talking about.  I should not be shocked, but I was.   I just wanted to share a few of these with you.   You are all a part of our lives even though we live so far away.   Through your prayers and support you are partnering with us in furthering the Kingdom of God. 

An odd sort of Bible study was started in the truck of a truck driver.  I know it is odd.  

We have been invited to work in a village near our home that has 500 people in it with about 8-10 Christians.   There is already a church in place, but they need training in how to evangelize their community. 
Daily we are able to pour ourselves into 6 little children and share the gospel with them.   God has answered so many prayers within these children’s lives.
Ryan has been able to do hut to hut ministry and A LOT of truck ministry.

God has opened so many doors for us to be welcomed into so many places that it is overwhelmingly amazing.
Ryan has been investing in a local youth and God has done amazing things through him.
Relationships, this is such a key part of what we are doing.   Without relationships with the people around us we will miss so many opportunities to share the Word of God.
Since our first month here Ryan has been working with a local teacher.  The teacher in the past has run off all other missionaries who have talked to him.   Ryan met with him daily for weeks and then they began meeting as the teachers schedule allowed.   After 8 months he asked Ryan for a book to read in English.   Ryan informed him we had Bibles and Christian literature only.   He agreed to take a book.   On their next meeting the teacher opened the book to a chapter talking about inviting Jesus into your life.   The teacher had never heard this before; he assumed Jesus forced Himself on you.  With this new knowledge came lots of questions.  
Our own personal growth and growth in our children, it seems like we have all grown in so many ways.   We are all hungry to grow more and daily we are challenged in this.
We have had the opportunity to work with a medical team in a neighboring village providing eye care and medical care.  God orchestrated so many amazing things during those two days.
We have been able to work with the widows in our community.  
Natalie was able to lead a Bible study with a teacher and another missionary once a week.
Natalie has been given the material to start training on basic hygiene and nutrition; this will help us develop relationships in the villages we are working in.

These are just a few of the things that have been going on.   We spend a lot of time learning the language and just building healthy relationships among the people we live with.  Isn’t it amazing?   God is good!


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