Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A rough week

So, I generally try and keep a positive and uplifting attitude when posting, but this one is a little different. You see if I am going to be real then I have to be honest. This past week has been a major struggle for me (Natalie.) I never expected anything to be easy, but come on we are all human and can dream right? This past week it seems like so many things have come to be at one time.

The first was a major hurt. You see it was our first BIG miss since we have lived here. Ryan’s sister got married. We missed it. Our kids were hurt we were hurt, but that is all part of it. Sacrifice. As of right now it does not even feel like they are married. It seems like Ryan and I have watched both of them grow up over the years and now there is a huge void. I love what we are doing and know that this is what God had planned for us, because of that I can make it through.

The second is kind of funny from the outside looking in, but ask Ryan and it was a miserable day. This weekend I was just all out of sorts. I was miserable and felt awful. Ryan and I were talking it all out and came to realize that I had had no protein in almost a week. You see Ryan and the kids have had fish and crab all week and since I don’t eat it I was just eating rice and tortillas. One chicken later I was a happy person again. It is amazing how something like your diet can completely change everything.

The third is something we are still processing. Bidiac, a teenager from a village farther south, is leaving. Over the time we have been here he has become like a son and brother in our family. We have not even told the kids that he is going back home yet. There are many things that he is struggling with and he just needs to trust in God. He needs eye surgery, he needs passing grades in school, he has to work in order to live at the mission, but he recently allowed his work and school to fall by the wayside. He is now going back home to his village. The doors are always open here and we will pray for him through this time. It is so difficult to have a part of your heart broken off.

Through all of this I have been reading the book of Job. Coincidence, I think not. God preparing me for what was coming, yes. Unwavering faith in God is necessary and required. I am so thankful for a God that prepares us for what lies ahead. However; that cannot happen if we are not in the Word and seeking out God’s will for our lives. This week has been very difficult and I pray that I do not have a repeat anytime soon, but my faith in God is what carried me through this horrible week


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