Monday, January 31, 2011

Ahh, moving pains

No, not sore muscles, but pains of the heart.   We are so excited to move, but at the same time it does hurt to see your life changing.   The change is for the good, but still it hurts.   Today Ryan and his friend are removing the last of the items from our house.  After today we will have our mattresses, a tv, and a few items that Ryan's dad is keeping for us.   Laundry baskets will become our new dresser drawers and the kids plastic picnic table our dinning room table.   I will admit I am hiding in my room.   LOL!   I had to go make all the decisions about the items to be moved and then I retreated to my room.  I am not avoiding the move, but I am not actively involved. 

The tears have started to flow the past few days.   We are not heartless just because we are moving to another country to do God's work.   It is not any easier to leave friends and family just because we are Christians, we are still humans.   The one thing we do have is the peace that only God can give us and that is enough.  God is enough!  This past weekend we were able to see some of Ryan's family and tell them good bye or see you later and it was hard, but as we drove back to Tennessee we agreed we are ready to move.  You see we were at peace as we waved to them through the van windows, we felt God wrapping His arms around us and encouraging us all the way.  

Walker asked me today for our digital camera so he could begin making his memory album.  He has a list of people he wants pictures of and I am pretty sure 2 of the chickens are on that list also.  So, if you see Walker with a camera, just smile and say "CHEESE" because you are moving to Honduras with him.   This is going to be a fun activity for him and will give him something to do as we finish out these last few weeks here in the states.

The girls have been using more Spanish these days and are ready to be re-united with their loveys in Honduras.   They are so ready to see their new home.   Lorelai has a dear friend I want you all to pray for.  Her name is Meghan.  Meghan is Lorelai's age and they are good friends, Meghan wants to be a missionary also.  Please pray for her and her family as they follow God's will for their lives.
Mari-Madeline is just so loving and easy going.  She has been battling allergies for a few weeks so pray she feels better soon.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  Please continue to pray for our families and friends during this time of change. 


Anonymous said...

As if draws closer, we have the same tears and concerns even though we don't see you often enought. You have our love & prayers.
Dad & Shelly

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