Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost Paperwork

The dreaded day has come. Some of the paperwork we need has been lost in the shipping world. One of our daughter's paperwork that we need to move was sent to us from Texas. The carrier picked it up in TX, but then has no record of it after that. Just because you have a tracking number does not mean they can track it. So, we wait for the carrier to try and find it in their "lost and found" department. If it is not found we will start the process over, a process that will take about a month too long.

To make things a little worse these documents are her identity and the carrier is concerned that her someone could steal her identity from the papers. Oh the joys of a world where one's identity is considered valuable to a thief.

This is just a minor setback and all things will happen in God's time. Just join us in prayer. I just pray that the carrier will show up today with these precious documents.

Love to all.


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