Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow! We have landed in the world of paperwork and red tape! I am going to look at it as a challenge, not sure Ryan shares my vision. We have paperwork to be completed on almost every government level I know of. I am learning to be patient and persistent daily.

Today I made a big mistake. Thankfully a very understanding person at the Tennesseee Bureau of Investigation was willing to get it all worked out. We need background checks from the TBI for Honduras and I found that I could order them on-line from the TBI web site for $29 each. So I went through the process, paid online and hit send. I was then redirected to the Home page where my eyes focused in on a sentence that said, if you need these for adoption or for foreign travel you can not process online and will need to mail in your paperwork and payment! Oh no! I thought I had lost our money for sure, but they transfered my payment and worked it all out! Thank you TBI.

We are in a waiting pattern right now. We have sent off all our paperwork and are jsut waiting for it to come back. When that happens we can buy our plane tickets to Honduras! YAY!

Oh no, just realized the new blogger does not have spell check! I am in trouble now.


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