Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Kids

So, today I thought we might look at life from the kids view.   Each kid has had their ups and downs and each one is equally excited.

We might as well start with Walker.  He has always been more outspoken about his fear and concerns, but when we made a pros and cons list he was very surprised to see that the pros out weighed the cons.  He is very excited to learn a new language, meet new friends, and as a young Christian participate in spreading the gospel.  The other night he had an amazing bible study in the book of Philippians and found encouragement and joy from Paul's letter.  He even made the remark that he felt like Paul was writing to him.   It really was an amazing example of God's love for each of us.   He has placed a sense of peace around each of us and is with us every moment. 

Mari-Madeline has been so excited from day one.  She has really taken to her Spanish lessons and finds joy in learning a new language.  She has had the fewest concerns of all and they are generally friends and family.   She is so excited to begin a new adventure that will forever shape who she is.  

Lorelai, well she is Lorelai.   She is a mess.  She has a very twangy southern Spanish and tends to make up her own words.   She has a harder time with transition than the other kids, but she also follows the lead of the two big kids.   She tells us all the time how big and mighty God is and I pray she will continue to feel His presence as we  move.

The kids have eagerly been finishing up their last bits of school for a few weeks.   They have been very creative in their playtime since all their toys are gone.  We will all admit to too much television these last few days, but with all the snow and wet weather we have done the best we can.  

Please join us in praying for our kids as we begin a new beginning and say good bye to the old.   The kids will be moving away from family and life-long friends.   Just this past week the kids realized that they would not be seeing their extended family members for a very long time and they all had their sad moments.   In the next few weeks if you around our kids, I ask you pray for them, but offer them a word of encouragement.   We are not brave, we are not special we are the same as you, we were just called to a different area of the world to spread God's word.  Moving is hard even when it is not to another country, but when we place our trust in God anything is possible and He will provide what we need.

Thank you to anyone who has ever loved on, taught or just had a special relationship with our children.  You have made an impact in their lives and I just want to thank you for that.


Kat said...

Take care on your way down

Anonymous said...

We love you and the kids so very much. Just thinking of our time together makes me smile! You are in our hearts and prayers.
Dad & Shelly

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